Get Your Piece and Join the Party!


100 pieces of New York City painted on postcard-sized wood blocks by grit and grime enthusiast and urban impressionist Steve Wasterval. The party will be on Dec.13th, 2016 at Foley Gallery in the lower East side of New York City.

Watch the video to learn more, then click below to get your piece & ticket...

$100 gets you a ticket and a piece

$100 gets you entry to the party plus a number in the auction. You will definitely go home with a block, but it's luck of the draw who gets to pick first! Click the button to purchase your ticket and roll the dice on your piece.


$250 if you HAVE to have it!

Pay $250 if there is a specific block you must have and you want to come see the action on Tuesday, Dec 13th. This includes entry to the party for you plus a guest. View the available blocks below and claim yours now!


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