Tuesday, Dec. 13th, 2016
FOLEY Gallery, 59 Orchard St. LES


100 for 100: the art party where everyone gets a piece

Each 4"x 6"x 1.2" woodblock is an original work of New York City Art, perfect for your wall or desk. The series is being painted for the Dec. 13th 2016 #SELLOUT Art Party in the lower East side, New York City. Watch the video to learn more, then click the button to get your piece and ticket...

$100 gets you a ticket and a piece

$100 gets you entry to the party plus a number in the auction. You will definitely go home with a block, but it's luck of the draw who gets to pick first! Click the button to purchase your ticket and roll the dice on your piece.

$250 if you HAVE TO HAVE it

Pay $250 if there is a block you HAVE TO HAVE but you still want to come see the action on Tuesday, Dec 13th. This includes entry to the party for you plus a guest.

Only 100 new art collectors will get in to this party

Unless you own Steve Wasterval #SELLOUT art in which case you are always invited to everything, you know who you are. By pre-buying a piece you get to come claim it at the amazing party with delicious cocktail for those of you that know.

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