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The inner workings of Fame* are known and can be reproduced


#SELLOUT is a project born out of advertising research and data.

For the past 20 years the creatives behind project #SELLOUT have been tracking the progress of the national brand campaigns they worked on and have found a distinct activity pattern that is easily reproducible, and costs nothing except an individual's time and effort.


Would you #SELLOUT?

This is the most important question,

Because the #SELLOUT project and process will definitely get you increasingly noticed and seen, which is what we have defined as "fame" in this formula, but it does cost something. Most of us think of the term "selling out" as compromising a value for some kind of gain, usually financial. This is much more than just a general definition, the concept of 'selling out 'is closer to archetypal and mythological, meaning it is observational accurate, but not necessarily the truth. This is where things get difficult to explain, but the process works regardless of your understanding. What it costs is your time and effort and enthusiastic participation which cannot be faked.

You can get increasingly seen, noticed and successful if you are willing to sacrifice something you value that you already have.


By participating in the #SELLOUT fame project you will either give up something you already have or will have to give up fame to keep what you already, what is for sure is that this process will priduce that moment, so please do not perticipate if you are not up for a decision of this magnitude.