you were right: your kid could paint that

There are too many works of art to count that are so unskillful or elementary that they are an outright embarrassment to the world of fine art. However, one series of scribbles by con man Pablo Picasso have been exalted so highly that they prove to the rest of the world that our five year olds must also be "great artists" capable of "masterpieces". Sure "Guernica" was ok and obviously could not have been done by a child because of its sheer size, but doodles of dogs and birds are where we draw the line in labeling things "great works of art".

If we allow drivel like this to be called a "masterpiece" then there are no more rules, no need for skill or art school and any geek off the street can be a "great" artist. Anyone and everyone will have entry into the sacred world of fine art with no barriers of ridicule or criticism and that would be a travesty.

After all, how will we know what's "good" and "bad" without some sort of rules about what we allow to be called "Art"? It will be complete chaos, values of artwork will depreciate and every slack jawed yokel who likes pretty pictures will be invading our pristine galleries and intellectual art conversations with their uneducated opinions and open-toed sandals. No, this will not work. Rules are made to be followed and renegades like this Picasso are ruining the art world we all know and love. The fact that he is obviously able to paint realistically is all the more reason he is dangerous. Why ignore your skill and ability by making fools of us for buying doodles and scribbles when you are better than that?! Save yourself millions by boycotting Picasso and his estate by not purchasing any of his so-called sketches. Save your money for someone who chooses to paint the proper way like Thomas Kinkaid or Rembrandt or just give up completely and #SELLOUT