Exclusive: Jeff Koons Balloon animal study sells for 500 Million

The astronomical prices that some artist's work sells for at auction can be bewildering to the layperson to say the least, but confusion usually stems from a lack of education or knowledge. In this case, if you are doubting the value of Mr. Koons' balloon dog pieces, then you have certainly never tried your hand at creating balloon animals. I assure you that if you had attempted it you would have a new found respect for his incredible skill and an appreciation for his courage in being a pioneer of bringing clown culture to the general public.

We for one, salute Mr. Koons for having the courage to wipe off his makeup and bring the ancient clown art of balloon sculpture back to the mainstream where it so rightly belongs.

If you are not one of the fortunate that live in a city sophisticated enough to display Koons' fantastic works of art publicly, then we recommend rummaging through your great grandmother's things you've been keeping in storage since she died. Her junky collectibles and garbage will give you the same transcendental experience that washes over anyone who has the privilege to see Mr. Koons' marvels of fine art in person. Not interested in 50 million dollar balloon animals? You can always #SELLOUT