Jeremy Silberberg

When an artist's work fails to address a controversial social dilemma or the most recent cause du jour, it is oftentimes dismissed as irrelevant or unimportant.  Moreover, the neglectful artist's values are roundly criticized; he has been judged as having "sold out". #SELLOUT challenges this idea by encouraging artists to promote themselves and one another.  In doing so, artists' creative endeavors are celebrated.  When an individual vision is united with other, even seemingly disparate perspectives, something transformative occurs.  Instead of being understood as self-indulgent or separate, art becomes inclusive.  The practice of making art so that it can be appreciated by the public actually entreats viewers and creators alike to employ an alternative method of communication; one that supports a nonverbal and hopefully more meaningful conversation.  In this, the desire to show indicates the devotion to engage and inspire others.  So in reality, being a #SELLOUT is a beautiful thing.