Fame or attention, popularity and commercial success are all merely effects of an identifiable, imitable behavior pattern that is currently referred to as “selling out”.

“Selling out” is an American culture slang term used to describe someone that compromises their personal values, integrity, talent, or the like, for money or personal advancement. Essentially it is an uncomfortable sacrifice for personal gain, so why is it so stigmatized?

The goal of the #SELLOUT movement is to de-stigmatize the term, which is used to limit creative’s earning potential, while iteratively guiding you through actions proven to increase personal gain through compromise

which is praised when it is done for survival or security, but ridiculed when done for pleasure.

The uncomfortable truth that research has proven* is that wealth and popularity or fame are most often amassed directly because of compromise and change.

#SELLOUT is a multi-media marketing research project that was created and funded by a network of major advertising agencies in the wake of the social media explosion at the end of the century. Since then it has accumulated more data points on consumer behavior than 10 Facebook’s, but has managed to stay under the radar.

For the past 23 years there has been an ongoing marketing research project tracking the most successful online behaviors of social media influencers

The most common misconception about “selling out” is that it makes you rich. Being rich doesn’t mean you a sellout anymore than being poor means you are not.

However the term is usually reserved for artists and musicians because their professions are never about the money

Although it is a term that can be applied to anyone that betrays their own values, it is most commonly used in reference to artists and musicians as a form of control. Why?

Fame (attention), popularity and commercial success are merely results of an identifiable, imitable behavior pattern


For the past 20 years the creatives behind project #SELLOUT have been tracking the progress of the national brand campaigns they worked on and have found a distinct activity pattern that is easily reproducible, and costs nothing except an individual's time and effort.

Because the #SELLOUT project and process will definitely get you increasingly noticed and seen, which is what we have defined as "fame" in this formula, but it does cost something. Most of us think of the term "selling out" as compromising a value for some kind of gain, usually financial. This is much more than just a general definition, the concept of 'selling out 'is closer to archetypal and mythological, meaning it is observational accurate, but not necessarily the truth. This is where things get difficult to explain, but the process works regardless of your understanding. What it costs is your time and effort and enthusiastic participation which cannot be faked.

You can get increasingly seen, noticed and successful if you are willing to sacrifice something you value that you already have.


By participating in the #SELLOUT fame project you will either give up something you already have or will have to give up fame to keep what you already, what is for sure is that this process will priduce that moment, so please do not perticipate if you are not up for a decision of this magnitude.