an art show that celebrates being a sellout?

Brooklyn Eagle: an art show that celebrates being a sellout?

If you describe an artist as a sellout, it's usually be meant as an insult. A sellout is often depicted as someone who failed to stay true to their art and sold out in favor of (gasp!) commercialism. But an intriguing new exhibition opening Jan. 9 in Williamsburg seeks to take that old idea and stand it on its head.

The #SELLOUT show features 16 artists who are proud to admit that they want to brand themselves and market their artwork in order to sell it to people that want to buy it.

Curated by landscape painter Steve Wasterval, the five-day exhibition takes place at Reverse Gallery, at 28 Frost St. The show’s sponsors are Perrier, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Zico and Worstofall Design......